A Family Business

Castle Freke Gin is a family business, owned and operated. Based in a little village in wild West Cork in Ireland, Castle Freke is the historic home of the Evans- Freke family.

Location and legacy inspired the making of this world-class gin.

individually signed bottles annually
Award winning
Silver medallist, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

A Gin for Martini Lovers

A dry martini lover, Stephen Evans-Freke was in search of the perfect gin for his evening cocktail. It had to be very smooth. It had to have depth and complexity. It had to leave an enduring and uniquely pleasurable aftertaste long after the swallow was complete.

Stephen had tried one after another of the boutique gins bursting onto the market in recent years. Some of them were interesting for the gin-and-tonic drinker, but none satisfied his palate in a very dry martini.

So he decided to create his own, and the Castle Freke Distillery was born – the world’s finest dry martini gin.

Rolls Royce of Gin Stills

Castle Freke Gin is made with a totally unique, world-class copper gin still. Nicknamed “Algy”, it is a highly sophisticated 150L copper pot hand-made by the family-owned Bavarian company Kothe Gmbh.

Originally made for cognac, this is the first time in the world using this type of still for gin. An elaborate 50-step process results in a level of smoothness never seen before.