Freke’s Perfect Martini

Stephen Evens-Freke’s step-by-step instructions to create the perfect dry martini.

Stylish, spirit-forward, smooth.

The Martini is the perfect expression of an excellent gin and Castle Freke Gin is the ultimate starting point for this perfect expression. The Martini does not rely on gimmicks, masks or distractions.

The uncompromising combination of gin and vermouth provides the perfect playground for a truly mastered spirit to flourish. Our uniquely premium distillation process was incepted with the Martini in mind and the resulting spirit smoothness and complex character make Castle Freke the ideal weapon in an arena with nowhere to hide.


Cocktail shaker

preferably silver or silver plated for best flavor.

Ice Cubes

Sticky cold ice cubes straight out of the freezer – this is essential.

Castle Freke Gin

A bottle of Castle Freke gin.


A bottle of Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth.


A small bottle of Angostura Bitters.


One tangerine, pre-washed to remove any surface wax preservative.


One cucumber, also pre-washed.


A martini glass waiting in the freezer.


    1. Fill the cocktail shaker with sticky ice up to about ¾.
    2. Pour a thimble full of dry vermouth and 1-2 drops of bitters over the ice.
    3. Shake well, then pour the free liquid down the drain.
    4. Pour your gin over the now lightly flavored ice.
    5. Shake vigorously.
    6. Take the martini glass out of the freezer and pour your martini.
    7. Garnish with one zester scrape of tangerine peel and one slice of cucumber.
    8. Savor every sip!

Castle Freke Gin is too good to be diluted, but if you must…

  • 50/50 Gin and a premium dry tonic water.
  • Garnish with one slice of lemon ( preferably organic ).
  • A zest scrape of tangerine and a slice of cucumber.