Why Castle Freke Gin?

Atmosphere and Elegance

Depth of Palate

Silken Resonance

Castle Freke Gin, like its namesake, is a tribute to extraordinary imagination.  It’s a sipping experience that stands alone in the luxury world of fine spirits.

A Combination of Chemistry and Magic

Ancient elements of myth and legend define the magnificent hilltop setting of Castle Freke, where a forest, accented with myrtle and juniper, forms the backdrop to this magnificent structure. This romantic, even aromatic, legacy is what inspired the desire to build a brand. 

Castle Freke Gin combines the tangible and intangible elements and atmosphere of Castle Freke with a rigorous pursuit of perfection in distilling.  The result is international recognition as a world class gin in what is regarded as the most competitive event in the global spirits industry.

Castle Freke Gin – 2022 Edition – Silver Medalist

An award winning debut in the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

A Unique Partnership

Perrine and Etienne Schaller are at the head of the small and celebrated Agrumes Bachès domain. Agrumes Baches constitutes the largest collection of citrus varieties in Europe. The domain sits in the far south of France. Perrine and Etienne are joining with the team at Castle Freke Distillery in an exclusive collaboration in the world of spirits distillation.

Our initial objective was to bring a unique citrus flavour palate to Castle Freke Gin, complementing the other highly differentiated elements that define Castle Freke Gin as the ultimate taste experience for the connoisseur of dry martinis.

A Distillation of More Than Just Botanicals

A wild and untamed land of extremes. Our brand encapsulates the unique and uncompromising atmosphere, climate and landscape of Castle Freke shaping not only our gin but our ideals.

At one with our natural environment we harness the dramatic, uncompromising and timeless forces that have shaped West Cork and evoke them in the on-going restoration of Castle Freke and in the distillation of Castle Freke Gin.