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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire world, Castle Freke Distillery has joined the global effort to help fight against the deadly virus. As a company, we have decided to temporarily stop developing the finest gin and instead we have shifted our focus to producing top-shelf hand sanitisers to meet the sanitation needs of West Cork.

Within a short space of time, we are proud to say we have earned a reliable and reputable name for producing alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Our hand sanitisers have an alcohol content of 83% that exceeds the WHO’s recommended alcohol level of 80% ensuring the utmost level of hygiene. Each of our sanitisers is made, bottled, and labelled by our skilled team at Castle Freke Distillery. We are striving to help the cause where at all possible and we continue to be distillers you can count on.

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COVID-19 Notice

Castle Freke Distillery has temporarily put development of the world’s finest gin on the back-burner to join the fight against the spread of COVID-19, pivoting to produce a top-shelf hand sanitiser to meet the needs of the West Cork community.

Castle Freke Distillery uses organic food-grade grain neutral spirits, specially sourced organic botanicals, and double the moisturising glycerine content of most formulations to produce a hand sanitiser with an alcohol content of 83%, which exceeds the World Health Organization’s recommended 80% alcohol level.

It is made, bottled, and labeled by hand by the dedicated team at Castle Freke Distillery. Initial batches have been donated to local first responders, medical staff, and churches for distribution to vulnerable individuals, with the remainder being sold throughout Munster.

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